This directory contains user-provided DOOM source code
modifications and related files.  User patches to these
engines can be found in the patches/ subdirectory.

The BOOM engine mod and its 32-bit Windows port PRBoom
can be found in the TeamTNT area:


The officially released DOOM source code can be found in
the idstuff/source subdirectory, not here.

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[DIR] Parent Directory 27-Feb-2020 02:01 - [CMP] alphadoom.gz 07-Jan-1998 19:00 271k [CMP] alphadoom.patc..> 07-Jan-1998 19:00 10k [TXT] alphadoom.txt 07-Jan-1998 19:00 3k [TXT] calico10.txt 04-May-2017 21:44 2k [CMP] 04-May-2017 21:44 1.1M [TXT] cod10src.txt 31-Jan-2020 20:12 3k [CMP] 31-Jan-2020 20:12 966k [TXT] ddbin064.txt 05-Jun-1998 20:00 11k [CMP] 05-Jun-1998 20:00 561k [TXT] ddsrc064.txt 05-Jun-1998 20:00 11k [CMP] 05-Jun-1998 20:00 863k [TXT] dmset08.txt 11-Feb-1998 19:00 1k [CMP] 11-Feb-1998 19:00 132k [TXT] doom3d116.txt 22-Feb-2001 12:10 1k [CMP] 22-Feb-2001 12:11 470k [TXT] doom3dsrc116.txt 22-Feb-2001 12:11 1k [CMP] 22-Feb-2001 12:11 557k [TXT] doomce.txt 28-May-1999 20:00 1k [CMP] 28-May-1999 20:00 427k [TXT] doomlegacy1.txt 11-Feb-1998 19:00 1k [CMP] doomlegacy1_bi..> 12-Feb-1998 19:00 485k [CMP] doomlegacy1_sr..> 12-Feb-1998 19:00 516k [TXT] doomsrc.txt 05-Sep-2006 17:22 4k [CMP] 05-Sep-2006 17:21 369k [TXT] dosdoom.txt 23-Dec-1997 19:00 2k [CMP] 23-Dec-1997 19:00 202k [TXT] dosdoom_mp3.txt 29-May-1999 20:00 6k [CMP] 29-May-1999 20:00 4k [TXT] dsdoom.txt 29-Oct-2015 02:52 2k [CMP] 29-Oct-2015 02:53 2.2M [TXT] dsdooms.txt 29-Oct-2015 02:53 2k [CMP] 29-Oct-2015 02:53 2.0M [CMP] edge-1.27-linu..> 25-Mar-2002 06:33 1005k [TXT] edge-1.27-linu..> 25-Mar-2002 06:33 2k [CMP] edge-1.27-src...> 25-Mar-2002 06:35 1.1M [TXT] edge-1.27-src.txt 25-Mar-2002 06:35 2k [TXT] edge-1.27-win3..> 25-Mar-2002 06:35 2k [CMP] edge-1.27-win3..> 25-Mar-2002 06:36 1.0M [TXT] edge-ddf-3.7.txt 25-Mar-2002 06:36 2k [CMP] 25-Mar-2002 06:37 72k [TXT] edge-wad-2.5.txt 25-Mar-2002 06:37 2k [CMP] 25-Mar-2002 06:37 206k [TXT] edge32-l2.txt 10-Jan-2003 20:04 21k [CMP] 10-Jan-2003 17:32 405k [TXT] ee33110d.txt 19-Jan-2005 23:16 3k [CMP] 19-Jan-2005 23:18 262k [TXT] ee33110s.txt 19-Jan-2005 23:18 5k [CMP] 19-Jan-2005 23:26 1.1M [TXT] ee33110w.txt 19-Jan-2005 23:26 9k [CMP] 19-Jan-2005 23:34 1.1M [TXT] fscript.txt 07-Apr-2007 13:00 1k [CMP] 07-Apr-2007 13:00 36k [TXT] gledge32-l2.txt 10-Jan-2003 20:05 21k [CMP] 10-Jan-2003 17:35 424k [TXT] legacy120.txt 19-May-1998 20:00 20k [CMP] 19-May-1998 20:00 754k [CMP] lxdoom-1.4.4.t..> 14-Jan-2001 15:38 1016k [TXT] lxdoom-1.4.4.txt 14-Jan-2001 15:38 6k [CMP] lxmusserv-0.94..> 14-Jan-2001 15:38 77k [TXT] lxmusserv-0.94..> 14-Jan-2001 15:38 1k [TXT] mbf.txt 03-Jan-1999 19:00 15k [CMP] 03-Jan-1999 19:00 1.6M [TXT] mbfsrc.txt 03-Jan-1999 19:00 1k [CMP] 03-Jan-1999 19:00 2.2M [DIR] patches/ 31-May-2015 04:51 - [TXT] pdoom.txt 09-Oct-2015 23:00 2k [CMP] 09-Oct-2015 23:00 319k [TXT] pdoomsrc.txt 09-Oct-2015 23:00 2k [CMP] 09-Oct-2015 23:00 418k [TXT] prblnch.txt 22-Jul-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 22-Jul-1998 20:00 147k [TXT] ravensrc.txt 24-Jun-2015 07:35 3k [CMP] 24-Jun-2015 07:35 843k [TXT] rordoom.txt 06-Jun-2005 09:02 1k [CMP] 06-Jun-2005 09:02 445k [TXT] rus-doom.txt 22-Sep-2016 17:42 5k [CMP] 22-Sep-2016 17:42 2.9M [TXT] svstr14b.txt 27-Jan-2006 15:49 15k [CMP] 27-Jan-2006 15:49 1.2M [TXT] svstr14s.txt 27-Jan-2006 15:50 1k [CMP] 27-Jan-2006 15:50 1.7M [TXT] windmb96a.txt 23-Jun-1998 20:00 27k [CMP] 23-Jun-1998 20:00 220k [TXT] windms96a.txt 23-Jun-1998 20:00 27k [CMP] 23-Jun-1998 20:00 472k [DIR] windoom/ 12-Jan-2016 12:01 - [TXT] winmbf02.txt 19-Jan-2005 22:57 5k [CMP] 19-Jan-2005 23:08 1.5M [TXT] winmbf02s.txt 19-Jan-2005 23:08 5k [CMP] 19-Jan-2005 23:14 826k [CMP] xdoom-20000723..> 24-Jul-2000 20:00 995k [TXT] xdoom-20000723..> 24-Jul-2000 20:00 8k [CMP] xdoom-20001001..> 01-Oct-2000 20:00 1.0M [TXT] xdoom-20001001..> 01-Oct-2000 20:00 9k [CMP] xwadtools-2000..> 01-Oct-2000 20:00 1.5M [TXT] xwadtools-2000..> 01-Oct-2000 20:00 4k [CMP] xwadtools-2001..> 15-Jun-2001 06:28 1.5M [TXT] xwadtools-2001..> 15-Jun-2001 06:25 4k [TXT] zdaemon_096bin..> 19-Jun-2001 01:18 25k [CMP] zdaemon_096bin..> 19-Jun-2001 01:17 2.9M [TXT] zdhtech.txt 01-Jun-2000 20:00 1k [CMP] 01-Jun-2000 20:00 3.8M [TXT] zdoom116-src.txt 22-Dec-1998 19:00 3k [CMP] 22-Dec-1998 19:00 798k [TXT] zdoom116.txt 22-Dec-1998 19:00 3k [CMP] 22-Dec-1998 19:00 437k [TXT] zdoomedt.txt 22-Dec-1998 19:00 1k [CMP] 22-Dec-1998 19:00 305k [TXT] zkbchm.txt 29-Apr-2001 15:34 2k [CMP] 29-Apr-2001 16:11 4.0M [TXT] zkbhtml.txt 29-Apr-2001 14:56 2k [CMP] 29-Apr-2001 15:34 4.1M [TXT] zkbmaps.txt 29-Apr-2001 19:45 1k [CMP] 29-Apr-2001 19:49 322k