Info About the idgames Archive

In October of 2001, the powers that be (the new owners) at ftp.cdrom.com restricted outside access to the idgames archive (as well as a number of other archives), and cancelled the accounts of the maintainers.

Shortly after that, the maintainers, Frans P. de Vries and Ty Halderman, started maintaining the archives using the former mirror at Gamers.Org. A new hostname was created - archives.gamers.org - to be the primary host for the archives no longer hosted at ftp.cdrom.com. Here is information about the other Community Archives available at archives.gamers.org.

The hostname and path for the idgames archive is now archives.gamers.org/pub/idgames/. Access by FTP is preferred, so that the web server is always available for serving our web pages.

If you wish to do an upload, you must ftp directly to archives.gamers.org and upload to the /pub/idgames/incoming directory.

Other sites mirror this primary host, and you are encouraged to use one of those mirrors. Here is the .message file from the archive that lists the idgames mirrors.

We also provide these additional enhancements here at Gamers.Org:

ftptree - a graphical representation of the entire idgames tree.
Each night, a map of the idgames directory structure is generated. A new graphical ftptree is generated if this structure differs from the previous night's structure. As per the above note, incoming and newstuff are not listed.

ftpbush - a shallower graphical representation of the idgames tree.
Like the full ftptree, but with most of the alphabetical subdirectories pruned off to reduce the size of the file.

last24hrs - a sorted and hyperlinked version of the LAST.24hours file.
The LAST.24hours file is generated hourly and lists the files that were added or changed in the past 24 hours. The list is filtered to remove incoming and newstuff references, sorted alphabetically, and then hyperlinked to provide easy access.

last7days - a sorted and hyperlinked version of the LAST.7days file.
last14days - a sorted and hyperlinked version of the LAST.14days file.
last30days - a sorted and hyperlinked version of the LAST.30days file.
last60days - a sorted and hyperlinked version of the LAST.60days file.
These files are generated daily at midnight and list the files that were added or changed in the specified preceding period. The same operations are applied to these files as were applied to the LAST.24hours file.

Comments about these features can be addressed to John Van Essen <jve@gamers.org>

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